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The year of the Golden forecast and how to stay healthy with Chinese Medicine

February 12, 2021 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Golden Ox with February 3rd representing the start of the Spring Festival. The Ox (Cow) is the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac system and is a respected animal valued for its ability to work hard and endure. The Ox is credited with the values of constancy and cooperation. These are usually slow-moving animals that are even-tempered and placid unless they are provoked.

The Element for Ox is Yin Earth, as it is an animal long connected to farming. The element for the year is Yin Metal, which is harmonious with the Earth Element, as Earth generates and feeds Metal. This implies a calmer and more stable year with less anger, less contentious behavior and much less potential for violence. Yang behavior will simply not be supported or be sustainable. Yin Metal is about the future and our hopes and dreams, which can start to inspire us again.

Life will feel more peaceful and less stressful, but this year requires patience. Forward movement will be mostly slow going toward desired and more ideal outcomes in the future. There will still be some restrictions on growth and movement, but these will lessen. Yin Metal will make people and governments more efficient and subtly more productive so that by the end of the year there will be incremental achievements that together will amount to something more substantial.

Yin Metal lowers the over-reactivity of last year’s Yang Metal that caused lots of inflammation; leaving people open to more minor irritations, such as skin rashes, hay fever and other allergic reactions.

Themes of this year:

  • Taking personal responsibility for your health and well being is important

  • Cultivating kindness, compassion, care and regard for yourself and others will be beneficial to mental health and well being

  • Having an attitude of gratitude (metal element associated emotion) will support you in being optimistic amidst challenges

  • Restore a healthy microbiome and digestion to build up a robust immune system

  • Hydrate yourself more with moisturizers

  • Use of humidifiers for the lungs as skin and hair will be drier this year


  1. Practice Yang Sheng (养生) which means nurturing life through positive lifestyle choices. Healthy routines will support your health and well being.

  2. Sing more and practice deep breathing to enhance the lungs as you may be prone to coughing and clearing your throats more, as phlegm will be harder to move out.

  3. Digestion won’t be as strong this year, so it is advised to eat lighter or smaller meals and perhaps enhance digestion with natural remedies, such as eating ginger or taking digestive enzymes, especially papaya and pineapple based enzymes as tropical fruit belongs to the Earth Element.

  4. Find a way to express gratitude. Get creative! You can express your gratitude with words, a gift, an e-mail, a handwritten letter/card, video/phone call, air hug, whatever moves you. =)

Source: learn more about the Golden Ox Year forecast by Lillian Pearl Bridges here:

*This information is for educational purposes. It is recommended to get a thorough consultation and differential diagnosis.

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