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I have been suffering insomnia for over one year now.  I usually wake up in the middle of the night around 1-2am and have trouble falling to sleep and also have restless leg syndrome. I don’t like taking sleeping pills to help me sleep so I sought out Chinese Medicine to help me. I  committed to doing 10 sessions of  treatment for electromagnetic cupping; after my second treatment I could sleep better and my minor headache was gone, I felt my head was less foggy and much lighter, my restless leg symptoms improved a lot.  It’s very amazing how quickly I was able to experience improvement!  I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment outcome and very thankful to Ginkgo Wellness Chinese Medicine Center for helping me regain my health. The doctors there very loving and compassionate.

– Helen F.

Started acupuncture treatments - incredible how much better I feel. They also recommended some herbs to help w/the numbness in my arms - such an improvement in my circulation!

Highly recommend visiting Ginkgo Wellness in Wheeling. You will NOT be disappointed!!

– Cindy M.

I got Bell’s palsy at 36 weeks pregnant. I woke up on a Thursday morning and the entire right side of my face was frozen. I couldn’t lift my eye brow, could not close my eye or blink, my mouth was dropped and lopsided, my speech was slurred and my mouth would only move to the left. I went to the ER to rule out a stroke and was told this was definitely Bell’s palsy. As uncommon as it seems, it is a common phenomenon. The 7th cranial nerve gets inflamed and it’s hard to pin point what could have caused it. This could come from a virus, stress, inflammation of the body and several other health conditions.

The thing is you have to start from within when weird issues arise like this in the body. Elang treated me right away. I called and got an appointment 2 days after the onset of the Bell’s palsy. She was very patient and wanted to see me twice a week to ensure I was getting adequate treatment. Every persons recovery rate and symptoms are different with Bell’s palsy. For me, it took more than 8 sessions to regain mobility in my face and eye. I have improved 99% and am very grateful I started this right away. The worst thing to do is wait. Jump on getting treatments right away.

Thank you Elang for your compassion, listening and kindness throughout this journey. I really appreciate you. 🙏

– Gabby

I was experiencing pain in one of my fingers one day and Charlie used an electromagnetic probe on my finger! After the treatment, the pain was reduced! Though the next day, still had some pain, by end of the week the pain had subsided!

Gingko wellness is a wonderful place to have treatments for pain and wellness. This new facility is clean and spacious. It is inside a large office building The doctors there are kind and compassionate they make sure one feel comfortable during treatment! There is also soothing music to help one relax as treatments are being done! I highly recommend this place!

– Emily H.

I am very satisfied with the result of Electromagnetic Cupping therapy. My finger pain and lower back pain reduced dramatically after the first session. My pain was almost gone after the second one. Everything time after the treatment my whole body felt relaxed and recharged. I was amazed by the effectiveness of this new type of therapy. Many thanks to Ginkgo Wellness Chinese Medicine Center for their wonderful treatment and great service.

– Suli J.

If only this place existed when I was still an athlete.

I’ve had an active lifestyle in my early years and accepted various minor pains/aches as part of life. Never thought to consider anything other than the ice/heat packs + stretching that doctors/nurses/trainers/physical therapists prescribed. Tried their non-invasive electro/acupuncture twice and my back is free of not just the initial pain but an ache I didn’t even realize I was living with until it was gone.

Will go back to complete the treatment. Wish I skipped the chiropractor years ago and came here instead.

– Jay F.

For a couple months, I'd been suffering regularly from extreme heartburn to the point I was losing sleep and vomiting. I altered my diet, tried different over-the-counter meds, meditation, but nothing helped. I was worried and that was making it worse. I discovered Ginkgo Wellness Chinese Medicine Center while looking for an acupuncturist. From my first phone call, I felt such confidence in their abilities to help me heal.

I wasn't wrong, after my first visit, the extreme pain and suffering was gone. Together during following sessions, we worked to relieve all the milder heart burn symptoms and digestive discomfort and get my mind and body back into a calm, healthy state. I am so grateful for the expertise, knowledge, compassion and care of my doctor. I'm back to my positive, productive self and in addition to not having heartburn, my doctor was also able to heal the hip and back pain I'd been having. I highly recommend Ginkgo Wellness! I am so grateful to have found them.

– Susanna M.

I've always been athletic my entire life and it's done a number on my body. Taking over the counter medicine everyday to help with my joint pain was not something I wanted to do and I've always been interested in alternative medicine. I'm so lucky I found Ginkgo Wellness. From the jump, they took a much more holistic approach to treatment, asking questions about my family history and lifestyle BEFORE even asking about my pain. It's nice to have a practitioner listen for a change! I've been seeing them for the last few months and I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in a while. If you're at the end of your rope or just slightly curious about alternative medicine, this is the place. Thanks Alice and team!

– Shwin S.

This is an excellent clinic. The facility is clean and comfortable. The staff is very kind and welcoming and the doctors are professional at the same time really makes you feel personally cared for. The treatment is incredibly effective for me personally. I've always struggled with chronic pain from manual labor and injuries and I've tried all sorts of things like physical therapy and medication. And while those things did help manage symptoms, they never really got rid of the pain completely. I was starting accept this constant hum of pain as the new normal. But the treatments at this clinic did wonders!

I had some chronic back and neck pains and with just a handful of treatments it was significantly better, almost not noticeable anymore, so I will be continuing treatment. I also have early onset arthritis in my hands and wrists and trigger finger in both of my ring fingers from doing long term manual labor. Using acupuncture and electromagnetic pain management both of these issues have been resolved!

Since my profession demands lots of manual labor and repetitive movements I know more pain will probably resurface, so I will definitely be returning to this clinic for more treatment and maintenance care. So grateful for this place and the people who work here.

– Lisa C.

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