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Relieve Insomnia Without Sleeping Pills

Are you feeling sleep deprived?

If you are having trouble sleeping and feeling tired the next day, you’re not alone. Insomnia is the most common of the sleep complaints, it affects 30%–40% of the general adult population and about 15%–25% of children. These are some causes that may disturb quality of sleep:




Eating too much spicy and greasy foods

Excessive screen time


When the sun sets the yin energy becomes dominant in the evening and the yang energy begins to retreat and return back to the heart (yin) where the Shen can rest and recharge. A normal state of being is when upon waking, your eyes open up and the Shen/spirit begins to direct your daily activities (yang). And then when the day winds down, you drive back home and enter the garage to park the car (Shen). However, when your Shen cannot enter the garage (heart yin) when night falls (yang not rooted in yin) this indicates an imbalance is present, hence insomnia symptoms will manifest. Both excess and deficient conditions will prevent the Shen (Spirit) from entering yin.

Source: Acupuncture for Insomnia Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine, Hamid Montakab, MD

Having difficulty falling asleep is usually related to excess conditions whereas waking up easily is usually related to Yin or Blood Deficiency. Overactive dreaming is usually related to Damp-Heat or Mucus-Heat in the Liver-Gallbladder area.

Since these are generalities, it is important to have a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner do differential diagnosis in order to detect the underlying condition unique to you.

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