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Happy Women's Day

In celebration of remarkable women and their invaluable contributions to the health of society I’d like to share the story of Tu Youyou. She is a Nobel laureate in physiology/medicine. Tu Youyou with her ingenuity, curiosity and open-mindedness dug into the ancient Chinese medical texts to find a traditional cure for malaria, she successfully isolated and extracted a compound called artemisinin from the herb Qinghao (sweet wormwood). This novel discovery saved millions of lives. Her dedication to relieving human suffering led her to volunteer herself to be the first human subject. She is a true trailblazer; integrating the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and modern scientific methods to positively affect the lives of millions!

“Artemisinin is a true gift from old Chinese medicine. But this is not the only instance in which the wisdom of Chinese medicine has borne fruit” -Tu You you

There are active scientific studies showing promising applications of Artemisinin in treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergic asthma, diabetes; it has been shown to have strong anti-viral effect on herpes, hepatitis B and C viruses and other parasitic diseases including schistosomiasis.

A fun fact: One of the herbs that give Vermouth wine its unique aroma is from sweet wormwood, this wine is a vermicide. Vermouth is used in the famous cocktail, Manhattan.

I raise a glass of Manhattan to honor and celebrate all the amazing women in our community young, old & in between and of course, Tu You you!

Our Chinese medicine practitioners at Ginkgo Wellness Center take great inspiration from heroes like Tu You you and strive to provide optimal patient-centered health care with the support of innovative Chinese medicine techniques and modern science and technology.

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