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Sunlight – a natural and free source of therapy

We are all familiar with the fact that when we don’t get exposed to enough sunlight, we are more likely to feel depressed and exhausted. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the sunlight is a direct source of Yang from the natural environment and can be taken into our bodies in order to obtain a balance between Yin and Yang. This approach or sun-bathing is a demonstration of the Wenyang (温阳) treatment.

With winter approaching, it is likely that the sunlight is getting weaker and less accessible. However, try to bathe yourself in warm sunlight whenever you can – and here’s how to get most of the limited natural Yang.

  • Let light shed on top of your head The head is considered the most Yang part of the human body. This is where all your Yang energy meets and merges. Take off your hat when it’s warm outside, and enjoy a warm ray of sunshine on your Bai Hui Xue (百会穴, or DU20) to promote a smooth circulation while taking in some Yang from the environment. It is also known to assist the mental and bone development of young children and is good for healthy hair growth. Here’s how to find your Bai Hui Xue (百会穴, or DU20): it is located in the uppermost point on the human body, located in the center of the top of your head.

  • Your back According to the Yin-Yang theory, the front side of the human body is considered Yin while the back is Yang. This is based on the fact that the front actually tends to be less exposed to the sun, and when you try to make yourself smaller by wrapping your arms around your knees, the front side turns into the “inside”, suggesting Yin rather than Yang. The Du meridian and bladder meridian are located on the human back. Sunbathing these two important meridians can help warm up and nurse your organs. For example, if you are experiencing a lack of Yang in your body, you might feel a disturbance in your stomach where pain and bloat might manifest. Getting your back exposed to sunlight for a while can help your body better process thus making use of the food intake and nourishing the body.

  • The palms It is actually not normal for your palms to get sunlight at all – there is a fascinating benefit to do so nevertheless. When you make a fist, your middle finger will point to Lao Gong (劳宫) in your palm near its center. Sunbathing along with massaging this acupoint will help cool down heart fire, thus bringing peace of mind to you. It is also found to be beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

  • Legs and feet Earlier we talked about how the top of your head is the place where Yang is strongest. And with that being said, it’s easy to understand how the feet are where Yang is weakest. Yang is associated with warmth, movement, and outwardness, while Yin is the opposite. When coldness accumulates in your body, it is most likely to be manifested with the sense of cold in your feet. Exposing your legs and feet to sunlight will help reconcile the coldness, thus striking a new balance in your body. It would work better if you apply some pressure on Zu San Li (足三里), which is located below your kneecap, between the two bones of your lower leg. It's about 2 to 3 inches below the knee on the outer side of your leg.

Sun is a natural source of warm therapy, but it could occasionally be too overly strong, thus bringing damage to your local skin or overall health. In general, for young children and babies, 15-30 minutes is a good amount. For young and middle-aged adults, 1-2 hours might be reasonable. For elderlies, it’s best to control the sunbathing for 20-30 minutes. Also, always be exposed directly for the wenyang therapy – glass is a fantastic invention for mankind – not of much help in this case.

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