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Do you comb your hair often enough?

From a Chinese medicine perspective, hair is nourished by your blood and is the manifestation of the health of your kidneys. It is recommended that everyone should comb their hair thoroughly about 100 to 200 times a day. That sounds like too much? — There’s a pretty good method behind the madness.

It is widely understood that combing helps remove dead skin cells and any foreign matter from your scalp, unblocking the pores and follicles. If clogging takes place, you might experience scalp irritations such as itchiness. Combing also activates the oil glands, which promotes the secretion and distribution of natural oil from the root to the ends, serving as a wholesome conditioner for the hair.

This is good information and justifies the combing activity. But if you are still hesitant about the 100 times you need to do, consult a Chinese medicine practitioner. They would tell you that there are about 50 acupoints located on the head, making combing the hair an extremely efficient way of stimulating these acupoints to improve your overall health.

The top of the head is where all the important meridians come together. There’s a widely-known acupoint called Baihui (百会穴)which is located at the central highest point of your skull. It is the point on the body where yang energy is strongest. Check out this past blog on how exposing this acupoint under warm sunlight can also promote health. With the gentle and routine combing of the acupoints on the head, you will enjoy the benefit of:

  • Promoting better circulation of qi and blood

  • Enhancing the yang energy in the body, thus protecting yourself from pathogenic forces

  • Help directly with the strength of your health and slower the greying

  • Having better sleep

If you are ready to give this simple technique a try, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Pick out your favorite comb, preferably wooden or other non-static material ones – make sure the teeth are not overly sharp

  2. Slowly and gently untangle the hair before combing

  3. What constitutes one comb: Comb gently from your front hairline to the back without the comb leaving your scalp, down till your neck

  4. Comb the same route 5-6 times, and then slightly change the combing path and repeat

  5. In the 100 combs, make sure you cover every square inch of your scalp

It will take about 10 minutes, and you can do it any time in a day. I would recommend practicing the combing technique while reading your news – whatever upsets you, this will always help calm you down.

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