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Gua Sha (Scraping)

The skin is scraped by a blunt instrument is effective for pain relief (muskuloskeletal, neck, lower back pain & more), relieve myofascial restrictions and stiff muscle tension.


Gua sha does not cause bruising. The red marks (petechiae) seen after a gua sha treatment represent the flight of red blood cells in the surface tissue. When there is blood stasis [characterised as fixed, persistent or recurring pain], gua sha will cause the cells to go 'outside' the vessels, but they will immediately begin to be reabsorbed.  This process releases pain, enhances blood flow and improves function of the nervous system.


During the treatment, special oil is applied for its protective, detoxifying or relaxing purposes depending on the requirements of the patient. Our practitioner begins the procedure by scraping or press-stroking with a smooth-edged instrument traditionally made from jade, horn or metal.

From the color of the petechiae, it is possible to see if the blood stasis is a recent (lighter red) or chronic (dark red or purple to black) stagnation. Normally, the red marks disappear completely within three to seven days.

After the treatment, patients can feel a variety of symptoms; like an immediate shift in pain, range of motion, fever, cough, nausea, vomiting, wheeze and so on”.


Caution: Not advised for those with sunburn, rash, wounds, or over moles or pimples, pregnant women or those with diabetes and some cancers are also not suitable for Gua Sha.

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